African Virtual Campus (AVC)

An educational institution based on the power of information communications technologies, used to overcome physical barriers that prevent millions of students from accessing education.


AVC is destined to become a premier virtual learning center and business solutions provider around the world. AVC has a Vision to Inspire online education, virtual and in-person business solutions, organizational development, risk assessment, cloud and network security service, and curriculum development and assessment services. AVC’s ICT products and services are designed to enhance the success of any organization by bringing its campus-model concepts to the client’s fingertips. AVC connects leadership and administrators to its pool of distinguished business experts and problem solvers from around the world. African Virtual Campus understands that educational institutions, business and industries, governmental and not-for-profit organizations want to thrive in the global marketplace. So, we launched AVC Global, our worldwide business solutions service division, created to deploy experts, skills and tools to any organization, anywhere to drive success. AVC offers face-to-face business technology assessment and solutions, and provides products to help expand the reach of our clients.

AVC-K12 for Schools (FREE)

Our K12 contents management system supports online learning at academic institutions with learning activities at the Middle or Junior High (Grades 7, 8, 9) and Secondary or Senior High (Grades 10, 11, 12) school levels. Among the 20+ customized services, avcK12 offers customized support for admission, registration, finance, grades, transcripts, and several analytics for ease of student services. This easy-to-use online learning system is modular-based; so, institutions can experience maximum utility. K12 provides the choice of free subscription options, with a few optional premium modules and no long-term commitment required.

AVC-HEd for Colleges and Universities (FREE)

HEd is a complete contents management system designed for colleges and universities. HEd provides the tools for a single online course or full online degree programs with all the needed technical support. The system comes with various modules, including human resources, finance, grades, admission, registration, testing, online library, and chatrooms, among other features. Academic reports and analytics are included for ease of enrollment management and student services. HEd was developed to enable education institutions to become proficient and competitive with online teaching and learning. The subscription-based system provides the choice of free membership with selected premium modules with no long-term commitment required.

AVC-LMS for Individuals and Businesses

For professional development and certificate programs and life-long learning, we offer LMS. The smart user-friendly learning management system is opened to the public, with a capacity of more than 200 accessible and affordable certificate programs and professional development courses designed to boost anyone’s career. Organizations may use LMS to enroll employee groups for workforce development programs or certificate courses that can be taken from anywhere at any time without the high cost of conference and seminar travels. LMS uses globally diverse subject matter experts, competent faculty and course designers to change the future of professional development.


AVC Global is our world-wide solution driven leadership development and products delivery division. We partner with school districts, higher education institutions, not-for-profit organizations, and government organizations and agencies to help them achieve long-term success. We have subject-matter experts in various areas of the fields we serve. Our unique colossal of expertise is deliberately grouped to produce cutting edge solutions and advice for our public and private sector clients globally. AVC provides face-to-face training, products and services that range from risk management, executive search, instructional design, cyber security, and cloud infrastructure, to strategic planning, financial planning and budget development services. For educational institutions, AVC Global offers complete computer lab equipment and virtual classroom installation, setup, and training services.


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Atlanta: +1 678 558 9831
Lagos: +234 704 148 1817
Monrovia: +231 775 186 904
Philadelphia: + 1 610 931 6166