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AVC Refund Policy

AVC believes in and stands behind its products and services; however, we understand that they cannot work perfectly for everyone. So, if you would like to request a refund, please use the email message function on the Contact Us page and explain why you are requesting a refund. Please be aware that our refund policy is based on subscription type, payment methods and mode of payments made for courses, and other products and services. The decision to provide refund is guided this policy and our terms of use policy. Refund options may vary by service. Violation of the Terms of Use Policy may constitute violation of the refund policy and affect our decision to offer refund to the user; even if the request was made within the designated refund period. AVC will not refund a user who had completed a course or read an entire content offering.

Monthly Subscriptions
There will be no refunds for a monthly subscription plans, users may cancel such plan before the end of ant billing cycle. However, you must cancel the subscription prior to its expiration date to avoid additional charges. AVC will charge for all courses completed during the free trial period if the user decides to cancel the plan; and AVC reserves the right to require the user to pay a one-month subscription in order to receive a Course and/or Specialization Certificate.

Your subscription will continue to be active on a month-to-month basis until it is canceled or suspended. For individuals who are registered for Specializations courses and special certificate programs, AVC will discontinue their subscription at the end of the subscription period during which the Specialization Certificate was earned, except, for those who subscribed through a third-party marketplace that restricts AVC’s ability to do so. If you purchased your subscription through a third- party marketplace, please contact them to cancel your subscription upon completing your course (s). AVC will not be responsible for information regarding their refund policies. You must cancel your subscription before your monthly renewal date to avoid the next billing. If you cancel your subscription, the cancellation will become effective at the end of the current monthly billing period; and you will have continued access to your subscription for the remainder of that period, therefore you will not be entitled to a refund.

For AVC Bundle
To get a full refund of your African Virtual Campus Bundle subscription payment, you must submit a refund request via the info@avc.edu.lr within 15 days of your payment. Refunds will not be provided if requested after this 15-day period. Your AVC Bundle subscription will continue for the subscription period identified at the time of your purchase and then automatically renew unless and until you cancel your subscription, or the subscription is suspended or discontinued by AVC. If your subscription is cancelled after the first 15-day period, you will continue to have access until the end of the subscription period and will not be billed for the next billing cycle.

One-time Course Purchases
If you cancel your paid enrollment for a standalone course, AVC will offer you a complete refund up to 14 days after payment if you have Not completed Course. If you pre-enroll and pay for a course, and have not commenced the course, AVC will offer you a complete refund up to 14 days after the course launches as long as you have not earned your Course Certificate. No refund will be offered, once you have earned a Course Certificate, you are not eligible for a refund even if it is within 14 days. If you do not begin the Course within 60 days from the date of registration, your registration will expire, and you will need to pay to re-enroll for the course. Refunds and cancellations of enrollment based on an organization agreement with AVC will be governed by the terms and conditions of the agreement between your organization and African Virtual Campus.

If your one-time paid enrollment is cancelled for a Specialization Training Program is cancelled by AVC for administrative or technical reasons, African Virtual Campus will offer you a complete refund after payment, or a credit to be used for similar Specialization training Programs in the future. If you pre-enroll and pay for a Specialization Program, African Virtual Campus will offer you a complete refund up to 15 days after the first course in the Specialization Program has launched. If you earned your first Course Certificate for any of the courses in a Specialization Program within 14 days, you are not eligible for a refund. Unless otherwise indicated as part of the registration process.

Refund for CMS and K12
AVC does not have refund obligation to the learners through our CMS and K12 systems. Refund for diploma and degree learners are established through individual agreements as part of each institution’s negotiated agreement. Any programs established and offered by our schools, colleges and university partners are administered through each institution. Refund policies are communicated to students by such institution.

Other Paid Services
Unless described in this Refund Policy or explicitly stated as part of the payment process for a Service, African Virtual Campus has no obligation to provide refunds for any products or Services.

Third Party Purchases
If you purchase or subscribe to a Course, Specialization Program, or if you purchase any Service through a third party promotion (such as an in-app purchase or a purchase through an alternative payment services), the refund policy applicable to that third party organization will apply, unless otherwise explicitly stated by AVC. Unless otherwise noted, the third-party organization will be responsible for making refunds under its refund policy, and African Virtual Campus will have no refund obligations. AVC disclaims any responsibility or liability related to any third-party organization’s refund policy or the compliance or noncompliance issues of such organization.


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